What Do We Offer ?

What Makes Us Different ?

How Does it Look ?

  • Dashboard
  • Content Management
  • Reservation Wizard
  • Pricing
  • Reservation Calendar

Command center for your front desk personnel to stay on top of their daily tasks including check-ins & check-outs for the day, tracking guests staying & incoming cancellations with our central reservation system.

Content Management

Manage your hotel’s rich content including high quality images & welcome documents that can be shared with guests at specific times including booking time, check-in or check-out through our central reservation system.

Reservation Wizard

A real wizard at work, it’s not just easy but superfast as well to create reservations as it automatically calculates commissions, taxes & prices with just basic information through our central reservation system.


User friendly interface that allows you to set either sell or sell inclusive rates and automatically calculates the other one based on your configured tax plans through our central reservation system.

Reservation Calendar

Weekly snapshot of your hotel reservations across all online & offline channels, with easy drag-and-drop functionality to assign them to specific room numbers through our central reservation system.

Centralized Reservation SystemManage your hotel operations & all your reservations on one platform

Everybody Stays Updated Always

Move away from archaic booking systems and into the cloud. Sky rooms cloud booking chart maintains a real-time check on all sold and unsold inventory, whether through an OTA, website booking engine, travel agent or a walk-in giving your entire sales, front office and operations team an always updated view of reservations.

View, plan and control your front desk and sales channels, bookings, room-holds, cancellations, payment follow-ups and much more through a single login from any web-based device, anywhere in the world.