What Do We Offer ?

What Makes Us Different ?

How Does it Look ?

  • Dashboard
  • Competition
  • Pricing
  • Optimizer
  • Reports
  • Configuration

Track your hotel’s performance on KPIs such as Occupancy, ADR, Revenue & RevPAR with our future oriented dashboard that is designed to deliver insights & help you take action.


Get access to our fully featured rate shopper with key benefits such as comparing your rates with the competition, knowing your hotel’s online rate parity & where your hotel stands with ranking with our revenue management system.


Setup BAR pricing which allows to optimize just one price, and achieve dynamic pricing just like airlines using factors like season, booking window & competition, to boost your revenues through our revenue management system.


Let the revenue management system optimize your rates 24/7, even when you are asleep, and get notified of all price updates when they happen, with the flexibility to override pricing recommendations at any time.


“What get measured gets done!” – Leverage reports from our revenue management system that provide detailed breakups with comparison against historical data to help you easily gauge your hotel’s performance.


Customize the revenue management system to suit your hotel’s unique needs, whether revenue metrics should exclude commission & taxes or how your hotel is benchmarked against the competition.

 Dynamic Pricing Revenue Management System

- Intelligent revenue manager

Price your hotel like an airline through dynamic pricing... thereby maximizing your revenues through self defined revenue management rules.

+ Sell every single room at the most optimum rate to maximise your revenue
+ Dynamic price management
+ Price, occupancy & arr predictions
+ Track pickup trends faster
+ Compare future trends with historical data
+ More intelligent and deeper data for every future date
+ Mobile notifications in real time