Manage prices, inventory & bookings across all online channels in real time.

  1. Integrations with many travel websites We are integrated with a wide network of travel partners. This means managing all your listings is a breeze.
  2. Price &; Inventory The dashboard gives you a panoramic view of your entire inventory. Say goodbye to double booking.Update the price once and sync it with all connected OTAs.
  3. User friendly Our dashboard is easy to learn and easy to use. Check information with a single login.

Rates & Inventory Update inventories across all channels with one click

Sky Rooms Channel ConnectManage online distribution with ease & expand your universe of potential guests.K

No more multiple logins required. Res Avenue offers a powerful yet easy to use channel management system that allows you to manage your online distribution with ease, while simultaneously expanding your universe of potential guests.

SKY ROOMS Channel Connect consolidates multiple sales channels into a single, easy to manage channel. You can efficiently manage availability, rates, and inventory across multiple OTAs, all from a smart single interface.

A Complete Hotel Reservation Solution

Channel Manager For HotelsSimplify distribution of hotel room inventory across OTAs
“Always On, Always Selling”

SKYROOMS integrated an always-on channel manager with its centralized reservation system to make room distribution to all your OTAs completely automated, seamless and in real-time.You never have to worry about updating your room inventory on any of your online sales channels, because SKY ROOMS ensures that if you have an empty room, it is immediately pushed out to the OTAs.

You never have to worry about updating your room inventory on any of your online sales channels, because SKY ROOMS ensures that if you have an empty room, it is immediately pushed out to the OTAs.

- Connect to 100+ channels

Interconnect has partnered with the leading OTAs across the globe to provide you maximum converge.

+ Dynamic Inventory Management
+ Better Online Visibility
+ Price Parity Throughout
+ Advanced Rate Planning
+ Dynamic Inventory Management
+ Avoid Overselling & Double Bookings
+ Sell Last-minute Inventory Efficiently

Not Just An Online Hotel Channel Manager,But a Complete Hotel Distribution System

Connecting your hotel with 100+ travel booking sites including best OTAs (Online Travel Agents), GDSs (Global Distribution Systems), Vacation Rentals, Meta search Sites and more, SKY ROOMS online hotel channel manager effectively automates various types of online inventory management processes while minimizing hotel over bookings, under bookings and mismatched inventory.

100+ Connected OTAs

  • GDS Hotel Connectivity
  • Real Time Updates
  • Unlimited Bookings
  • Maximum Revenue
  • Unparalleled Service
  • Minimize Hotel Over bookings
  • Competitor Rates Analysis
  • Effortlessly Regulate Hotel Rate Parity
  • Efficient Hotel Yield Management
  • Hotel Channel Manager App
  • Integrated PMS and Booking Engine
  • Exclusive Account Manager
  • 100+ Travel Booking Channels

Our hotel channel manager instantly updates latest inventory across all your connected OTA channels and global distribution systems.

Keeping you up-to-date with market scenario through hotel competitor analysis, our distribution channel management software lets you update pricing and inventory accordingly on OTAs and GDSs.

Addressing the rate parity rule applied by travel booking sites, our OTA hotel management system ensures real-time updates across all connected channels.

Determining the right selling price, the hotel channel manager evaluates your BAR (Best Available Rate) helping you form perfect pricing strategies and yield maximum.

The mobile channel manager app lets you perform channel manager hotel activities on connected OTA and GDS right from your smart phone.

As all eZee solutions are completely integrated, we ensure flawless synchronization between the channel management software, PMS and hotel reservation system.

A dedicated account manager will devotedly look after your property's system configuration, training and all types of distribution queries.

Easily maintain your online presence for inventory distribution on 100s of global and local hotel distribution channels - OTAs, GDSs, vacation rental portals etc with channel management software.

Why do you need a Channel Manager? Room rates and availability gets updated in real-time across all platforms
A room reservation or cancellation on any channel changes the room inventory status. This reflects automatically online on all channels without the need to personally monitor details.
All reservation details are saved automatically – saves time spent on manual updates.

Why your hotel needs a channel manager?One Channel Manager for your PMS. Several benefits for your entire business.
Channel manager helps hotels in managing inventory and rates across multiple online distribution channels. Increase your hotel’s global reach and save precious man hours by investing in a smart hotel PMS that has real-time Channel Manager connectivity.